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Happy New Year!

This year, JS has a turning point of gthe Fifth Midterm Management Plan 2017-21.h The plan sets two goals to fulfill, which are gSolution Partnerh of municipalities and gNational Centerh in the field of sewage works. As you know, wastewater business has significantly changed its structure from new construction to the management/retrofit of the existing facilities. Last year, we had a series of natural disasters of a powerful earthquake, typhoons, and localized heavy rains, while municipalities are struggling with tough circumstances of sewage works including financial hardships and constant shortages of engineers.

Today, the primary functions of sewerage services including wastewater treatment and rainwater drainage are indispensable. All the people involved in sewage works have critical missions that are overcoming difficult issues, sustaining the essential sewerage services and improving its service qualities. @

Municipalities who are original administrators of sewerage service entrust JS their business. JS who is an implementer has to make continuous efforts that provide constant high leveled services adequately satisfying the needs and expectations of municipalities.

Recently, JS has improved its database that contributes the vision development of the future municipal sewerage management. JS also advances gThink together projecth that supports municipalities in their policy development. Besides, JS started new basic research studies to enhance its technical strength and advances the new construction of training facilities for human resource development toward the completion of 2020.

In last September, JS delivered a message of gWork style reform JS version.h The message describes the necessary of the reform and its five directions. We will accelerate embodying the policies. In April, a new regional office will start through the consolidation of Chugoku and Shikoku office. This reorganization will enable to provide more careful community-based services than ever. The videoconference system or information technology for the field management that JS has already adopted accelerates the efficiency and sophistication of our operations.

The most important thing through the above attempts is to generate an additional value of our each operation remarkably. We hope to develop the communication and cooperation between municipalities consigning sewage works, companies undertaking construction works and JS between them to share each responsibility and establish the optimized relationship.

At the beginning of a new year, we renew our commitment to a further contribution to the promotion of sewage works.

(January 2019j