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Message from the President


On the first day of 2017, I started my career at Japan Sewage Works Agency (JS) as a president. It is a great honor and a privilege to work with all JS members.


Sewage works are comprehensive series of operations including planning, assessment, design, construction, and operation and maintenance (O&M). Every stage requires the broad range of technical expertise for civil engineering and construction, machinery engineering, electrical engineering or water quality science to complete a project. Today, sewerage infrastructure is expected to challenge resource/energy recycling and global warming along with their traditional roles including quality control of effluent, storm water control, etc. Since many aging wastewater facilities need a systematic retrofit/reconstruction planning and cost-effective O&M, high-leveled technical skills and wealth of knowledge and experiences are additionally required to deal with these issues. 

JS started its operation as the Sewage Works Center in November 1972. As a public institute, JS pooled sewerage technical experts that municipalities needed to deal with the specific technical issues of sewage works. JS restarted as a special public organization in 2003, after serving as an authorized corporation from 1975 to 2003.

In its forty years operation, JS has contributed much to the construction of wastewater facilities, pumping stations and trunk sewers. JS has handled new builds or retrofits of about 1,400 facilities, which are 70% of the total wastewater services in Japan. Sewerage service coverage that was only 17% across the nation in 1972 became up to 76% today, which is grateful. This achievement has brought many improvements in water quality in rivers and seas. Recent news about the natural lives such as fishes were getting closer back to our daily life or risen seasonal features related water such as fireworks at Sumida River is some of the results of them. We are very proud of our much contribution to these environmental improvements.

In addition to the design and construction of wastewater facilities, JS has devoted to the development of sewage works through various operations including technical supports for planning development and management support, research and development (R&D), and technical training for local government officials.

In July 2014, the development of new Sewerage Vision 2100 had brought a new era of sewage works. The new vision defines the ultimate mission of sewerage infrastructures, which is “A contribution to the establishment of a sustainable society.” It also clarifies a long-term vision for sewage works and the each role of major related parties including JS. This legal amendment has defined JS’s position and expanded its operations facilitating municipal sewage works as a public institute. JS came to provide all possible support for planning, design, construction, and O&M for treatment facilities, pumping stations, and sewers.

JS is now developing the Fifth Mid-term Management Plan 2017. Based on the new strategy, JS will carefully execute it to deal with new social needs.

Sewerage infrastructures have important issues at disasters besides usual conditions. JS has been tackling post-disaster rehabilitation/restoration and enhancement of disaster prevention since the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in 1995. In April 2016, Japan experienced another destructive earthquake in Kumamoto after only five years of the Tohoku earthquake. JS dispatched experts to the affected areas just after the first seismic activity of Kumamoto earthquake. Our accumulated technology and wealth of experience supported their temporary restoration and then, have been fully backing their post-disaster reconstruction.

JS has achieved major results on the post-disaster restoration supports. Some municipalities showed their appreciations for JS’s quick and expert assistances enabled the fast recovery twice as fast as expected. Other municipalities were grateful to our undertaking for new construction of conduits and pumping stations for storm water management against ground subsidence caused by the earthquake. Our contribution made them focus on their new sewage works with the post-disaster project for the collective relocation. We also promote a support agreement with local governments against disasters such as Nankai Trough Quake may happen in the future. 

JS will maximize its accumulated power of technology; human resource; business management; and emergency management to become your best solution partner. “Optimized solution for the sewerage infrastructure management” has been and will be our ultimate goal we are pursuing. Your continuous support and assistance for JS are always essential, and we appreciate them very much.

                                                           (January 2017)