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Technology Verification Program for Global Use

JS has carried out Technology verification program for global use since 2012.
The first example of verification is "Advanced Energy Saving Wastewater Treatment System: Pre-treated Trickling FIlter (PTF) System."
The system consisting of Floating Sponge Filtration system, High-rate Trickling Filtration system, and Final Solid-Liquid Separation tank was developed by Metawater Co., Ltd for emerging countries.

After the demonstration of PTF System at the WWTP in Da Nang, Vietnam, JS verified the applicability of the system about its treatment performance, power consumption rate, footprint, and maintainability.
Later, the PTF System was sophisticated with a compact solid-liquid separator to be applicable to small-scale facilities. The downsized PTF System was also verified for its treatment performance and footprint in 2016.
In 2017, the PTF System was adopted to a WWTP in Hoi An City of Vietnam.
The joint venture of Metawater and Tsukishima Kikai Co., Ltd. made a contract of the construction with Hoi An CIty as JICA ODA project “Water Quality Improvement for Japanese Bridge Area in Hoi An City.” The construction work was completed in November 2018.

Benefits of the Technology Verification Program

Flowchart of Technology Verification Program