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The 5th Midterm Management Plan

\JS will overcome challenges and make a leap into the future as your solution partner\

Japan Sewage Works Agency (JS) had carried out its business for five years starting in FY 2012 based on its gThe 4th Midterm Management Plan.h
At the beginning of FY 2017, JS issues gThe 5th Midterm Management Plan 2017-21h (The Fifth Plan) as top strategic priorities for the next five years.
In the Fifth Management Plan, JS shows its gBasic Principlesh according to the report submitted in December 2016 by JS Advisory Board, which is the top decision-making body of JS.
The Fifth Plan defines gManagement Planh, gProject Promotion Planh, and gRunning Organization Planh for the next five years.
The Fifth Plan declares as follows:

  1. Feature a new gFundamental Principleh that has changed for the first time in a quarter-century.
  2. Announce two goals for a project promotion: Provide all-around supports to municipalities as The Solution Partner. Facilitate sewage works as The National Center.
  3. Provide two midterm visions: Improvement of productivity/efficiency, and new equal partnerships
  4. Have the particular eight management policies for the next five years.
  5. Show two implementation plans of Project promotion and Running organization. Some items have a specific implementation timeline.
  6. Treat Retrofit and Inundation countermeasures as core operations. Include numerical or performance goals to maintain safety and security operations.
  7. Set outcome goals for some operations as JSf first attempt.
All JS will deal with challenges to achieve the goals in the Fifth Plan.

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