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JS 4th R&D Strategy

Evolution & Development of Wastewater Technologies

Research and Development (R&D), one of the fundamental operations of Japan Sewage Works Agency (JS), represents JSf technology of which we are proud.
JS, three times in the past, announced gR&D Strategyh which defines basic policy and direction, specific technology disciplines, challenges, and recipes for the period of each five years.
gThe Fifth Mid-term Management Planh issued in March 2017 describes the new basic policy of JS as follows:
gJS, as a solution partner, encourages the development of foundations including technologies, human resources, and information and contributes to creating a healthy water environment, safe community, and sustainable societyh.
Based on the two strategies of basic midterm management that are the improvement of the productivity and the efficiency for all operations and the establishment of good partnerships with participators, JS developed its management policy, business promotion plan, and organization management plan.
On the other hand, gSewerage Technology Visionh officially published in December 2015 reflecting the policy of gNew Sewerage Vision 2014h describes required R&D disciplines and subjects to achieve long-term visions and mid-term goals, and mentions sharing roles of each participator. The vision specifies JSf roles as follows: practical research for municipalities, collaborative research with private sectors, encouragement of new technology adoption for entrusted projects, support for municipalities on their project implementation, etc.
This gFourth R&D Strategy 2017-2021h aims to achieve the new basic policy and goals described in the Fifth Mid-term Management Plan.
It defines basic idea and policy of our R&D, and four technical disciplines and ten development goals JS should address in the next five years.
Four disciplines are:

Each of ten development goals indicates specific development issues and schedules, focused execution plans and their methods including execution systems and schemes.
Your understanding and cooperation are much appreciated for JSf R&D.
JS will promote further R&D and the adoption of innovative technologies to obtain your support and collaboration.
The 4th R&D Strategy Overview
Disciplines, Goals and Challenges of the 4th R&D Strategy