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B-DASH Project

B-DASH Project (Breakthrough by Dynamic Approach in Sewage High Technology Project) is a national project that Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism (MLIT) carries out.
The Project aims to:

In B-DASH Project, National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management (NILIM) carries out all demonstrations as contracted researches.

  1. Feasibility study of wastewater treatment operation control-support technology using AI(2018-)
    YASKAWA Electric Corporation, Maezawa Industries, Inc., and JS
  2. Demonstration of efficient energy utilization technology with highly concentrated digestion & energy saving biogas purification (2018-)
    Kobelco Eco-solutions, Co., Ltd, JS, and Fuji City
  3. Demonstration of comprehensive gradual sewer diagnosis system using ICT(2018)
    Clearwater OSAKA Corporation, JS, and Osaka City
  4. Treatment performance improvement of a final settling tank(2017-)
    Metawater Co., Ltd, JS, Matsumoto City
  5. Sludge incineration technology with power generation for the reduction of greenhouse gas emission (2017-)
    JFE Engineering Corporation, JS, Kawasaki City
  6. Local energy production/consumption technology with highly efficient digestion system(2017-)
    JS, Mitsubishi Kakoki Kaisha, Ltd., Kyushu University, and Karatsu City
  7. WWTP deterioration diagnosis technology with ICT(2015-16)
    Water Agency Inc.; NEC Corporation; Asahi Kasei Engineering Corporation; JS; Moriya City and Hidaka City
  8. Demonstration of the practical application of underground cavities detection using a towing vehicle(2015-17)
    Kawasaki Geological Engineering Co.,Ltd.; JS and Funabashi City
  9. Hydrogen production system using salinity difference between treated wastewater and sea water(2016-)
    Yamaguchi University; Seiko Electric Co., Ltd. and JS
  10. Wastewater treatment technology using special fiber carrier for excess sludge reduction(2016-)
    IHI Enviro Corporation; Teijin Limited; JS and Tatsuno Town
  11. Flow fluctuation tracking type wastewater treatment technology using DHS system(2016-17)
    Sanki Engineering Co.,Ltd.; Tohoku University; National Institute of Technology; Kagawa College; National Institute of Technology; Kochi College; JS and Susaki City
  12. Sewage sludge conversion technology with dehydration and drying system(2016-)
    Tsukishima Kikai Co., Ltd.; Sun Eco Thermal Co., Ltd.; Kanuma City Agriculture Public Corporation; JS and Kanuma City
  13. Carbon dioxide capture from biogas and its reuse for microalgae cultivation(2015-16)
    Toshiba Corporation, Euglena Corporation; Nikkan Tokushu Co., Ltd.; Nihon Suido Consultants Co., Ltd.; JS and Saga City
  14. Efficient wastewater treatment control using process control and remote diagnosis with ICT(2014-15)
    Toshiba Corporation; JS; Fukuoka Prefecture and Center for Sewage Management of Fukuoka
  15. Energy-saving wastewater treatment system using highly-efficient solid-liquid separation and two-point dissolved oxygen control(2014-15)
    Maezawa Industries, Inc.; Ishigaki Company, Ltd.; JS and Saitama Prefecture
  16. New wastewater treatment technology using no-aeration and circulation(2014-15)
    Metawater Co., Ltd.; Kochi City; Kochi University and JS
  17. Efficient sewer management system using intelligent image-recognition technology(2013)
    Funabashi City, JS, and NEC Corporation
  18. Power generation system from biomass(2013-14)
    Wakayama City; JS; Kyoto University; Nishihara Environment Co.,Ltd.; and Takuma Co.,Ltd.
  19. Highly efficient nitrogen removal with fixed-bed Anammox Process(2012-13)
    Kumamoto City, JS, and Takuma Co., Ltd.
  20. Energy management system using ultra-high efficiency solid-liquid separation(2011-12)
    Metawater Co., Ltd. and JS