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B-DASH Project

B-DASH Project (Breakthrough by Dynamic Approach in Sewage High Technology Project) is a national project that Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism (MLIT) carries out.
The Project aims to:

In B-DASH Project, National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management (NILIM) carries out all demonstrations as contracted researches.

  1. Energy management system using ultra-high efficiency solid-liquid separation(2011-12)
    Metawater Co., Ltd. and JS
  2. Highly efficient nitrogen removal with fixed-bed Anammox Process(2012-13)
    Kumamoto City, JS, and Takuma Co., Ltd.
  3. Power generation system from biomass(2013-14)
    Wakayama City; JS; Kyoto University; Nishihara Environment Co.,Ltd.; and Takuma Co.,Ltd.
  4. Efficient sewer management system using intelligent image-recognition technology(2013)
    Funabashi City, JS, and NEC Corporation
  5. New wastewater treatment technology using no-aeration and circulation(2014-15)
    Metawater Co., Ltd.; Kochi City; Kochi University and JS
  6. Energy-saving wastewater treatment system using highly performance solid-liquid separation and two-point dissolved oxygen control(2014-15)
    Maezawa Industries, Inc.; Ishigaki Company, Ltd.; JS and Saitama Prefecture
  7. Efficient wastewater treatment control using process control and remote diagnosis with ICT(2014-15)
    Toshiba Corporation; JS; Fukuoka Prefecture and Center for Sewage Management of Fukuoka
  8. Carbon dioxide capture from biogas and its reuse for microalgae cultivation(2015-16)
    Toshiba Corporation, Euglena Corporation; Nikkan Tokushu Co., Ltd.; Nihon Suido Consultants Co., Ltd.; JS and Saga City
  9. Sewage sludge conversion technology with dehydration and drying system(2016-)
    Tsukishima Kikai Co., Ltd.; Sun Eco Thermal Co., Ltd.; Kanuma City Agriculture Public Corporation; JS and Kanuma City
  10. Flow fluctuation tracking type wastewater treatment technology using DHS system(2016-17)
    Sanki Engineering Co.,Ltd.; Tohoku University; National Institute of Technology; Kagawa College; National Institute of Technology; Kochi College; JS and Susaki City
  11. Wastewater treatment technology using special fiber carrier for excess sludge reduction(2016-)
    IHI Enviro Corporation; Teijin Limited; JS and Tatsuno Town
  12. Hydrogen production system using salinity difference between treated wastewater and sea water(2016-)
    Yamaguchi University; Seiko Electric Co., Ltd. and JS
  13. Treatment performance improvement of a final settling tank(2017-)
    Metawater Co., Ltd, JS, Matsumoto City
  14. Local energy production/consumption technology with highly efficient digestion system(2017-)
    JS, Mitsubishi Kakoki Kaisha, Ltd., Kyushu University, and Karatsu City
  15. Sludge incineration technology with power generation for the reduction of greenhouse gas emission (2017-)
    JFE Engineering Corporation, JS, Kawasaki City
  16. Demonstration of the practical application of underground cavities detection using a towing vehicle(2015-17)
    Kawasaki Geological Engineering Co.,Ltd.; JS and Funabashi City
  17. WWTP deterioration diagnosis technology with ICT(2015-16)
    Water Agency Inc.; NEC Corporation; Asahi Kasei Engineering Corporation; JS; Moriya City and Hidaka City
  18. Demonstration of comprehensive gradual sewer diagnosis system using ICT(2018)
    Clearwater OSAKA Corporation, JS, and Osaka City
  19. Demonstration of efficient energy utilization technology with highly concentrated digestion & energy saving biogas purification (2018-)
    Kobelco Eco-solutions, Co., Ltd, JS, and Fuji City
  20. Feasibility study of wastewater treatment operation control-support technology using AI(2018-)
    YASKAWA Electric Corporation, Maezawa Industries, Inc., and JS
  21. Demonstration on nutrients removal by ICT & AI control with single tank nitrification/denitrification (2019-)
    Metawater Co., Ltd., JS and Machida city