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Practical Application

JS has put its innovative technologies into many practical uses.

Practically Applied Technologies : Wastewater Treatment Oxidation Ditch (OD) Process ANAMMOX Process Prefabricated Oxidation Ditch (POD) System Biological Aerated Filter (BAF) Process Step-feed Multistage Nitrification Denitrification Carrier Added Activated Sludge Process: Nitrogen Removal with Entrapping Immobilization Carrier Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Large-scale MBR


Practically Applied Technologies: Sludge Treatment Screw Press Dehydrator with Multi-disc System Inside Double Coagulation Centrifugal Dehydrator Sewage Sludge Compost (Compost Facility) Sludge Melting System (Slag Utilization) Circulation Multi-layer Furnace Carbonization System and Utilization of Carbonized Product Volume Reduction for Excess Sludge with Ozonation


Practically Applied Technologies:  Energy Production, Resource Recovery Phosphorus Recovery System with High-speed Adsorbent Media Biomass  Fuelization Technology Utilization of Biogas Energy High- Efficiency Power Generation System with Digestion Gas using Sludge Solubilization Corrosion Control Measures for Sewerage Structure Sulfuric Acid Resistant Mortar Corrosion Prevention with Photo Curing Sheet Lining  Design and O&M Method Using Activated Sludge Model