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R&D Annual Report 2008

  1. Study on Energy-efficient and Compact Advanced Wastewater Treatment Technology
  2. Post-evaluation on Newly Developed Technologies base on Existing Plants Performance|Nitrogen Removal Process Using Carriers in Activated Sludge Process|
  3. Study on Wastewater Treatment Plant Using Biotechnology for Next-generation
  4. Development on Energy Independent Plant Using Unused Biomass
  5. Evaluation on New Technology |Ozonation|
  6. Technology Development Aiming Lifecycle Cost Reduction in Sewerage Systems
  7. Study on Quantitative Evaluation Method for Energy-saving Effectiveness in Sewerage Facilities
  8. Investigation of Design and Estimation Standardization in Sewage Works
  9. Study on Reconstruction/Upgrade of Existing WWTP by Acvanced Technologies
  10. Study on Cost for Greenhouse Gas Reduction in Sewage Works
  11. Study on High Temperature Combustion of Fluidized Bed Furnace for Biosolids
  12. Study of Recycle Flow Treatment Technology in Hiroshima City
  13. Study on Advanced Treatment of Nishiyama Wastewater Treatment Plant in Nagoya City
  14. Wastewater Treatment Performance Study on Mattou Central Purification Center in Hakusan City
  15. Study on Effluent Quality Improvement of Akkeshi-cho Sewage Treatment Plant
  16. Study on Applicability of New Technology Implementation on Noichi Wastewater Purification Center in Konan City
  17. Study on Disinfection Methods of Wet Weather Overflow in Sapporo City
  18. Study on Implementation Plan of Wet Weather Activated Sludge Process in Toyohashi City
  19. Study on Disinfection Method of Wet Weather Overflow in Nagoya City (No.2)
  20. Study on Advanced Usage of Anaerobic Digestion Plants in Nagayo Wastewater Purification Center
  21. Study on Utilization Plan of Sewage Biomass in Akita Prefecture |Estimation of CO2 Emission and its Possible Reduction Amounts from Sewage Sludge Treatment Plants in Regional Sewerage Systems
  22. Study on Utilization Plan of Sewage Biomass in Akita Prefecture |Effective Utilization of Sludge Incinerated Ash|
  23. Study on sewage-derived Fuel in Chiba Prefecture
  24. Fundamental Inquiry of Carbonized Sewage Sludge in Tokyo Metropolitan Government