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R&D Annual Report 2011

  1. Study on the Development of New Energy Conversion and Recovery Technology
  2. Evaluation Study on New Technology (Anaerobic Digestion Process for Energy Recovery)
  3. Study on the Development of a Reliable Biological Phosphorus Removal Process for Phosphorus Recovery
  4. Post-evaluation on Newly Developed Technologies Based on Existing Plants Performance (Study on the Re-evaluation of Wastewater Treatment Technology:Carrier Additional Activated Sludge Process)
  5. Study on Function Maintenance of Sewerage Facilities
  6. Post-evaluation on Newly Introduced Technology: Anti-corrosion Coating
  7. Optimization Study of Membrane Bioreactor in Nagoya City
  8. Study on Membrane Bioreactor at the Sambo Wastewater Treatment Plant in Sakai City
  9. Feasibility Study of Wastewater Treatment Using Resource Production System
  10. Study on the Automatic Water Quality Monitoring System in the Tone River Upstream Regional Sewerage System (Ken-oh Treatment District) in Gunma Prefecture
  11. Demonstration Experiment for Newly Developed Phosphorus Removal Technology
  12. Study on the Stable Operation of Sludge Melting Facility in the Oyabe River Regional Sludge Treatment Work in Toyama Prefecture
  13. Study on the Introduction of Activated Sludge Process for Wet Weather at Central WWTP in Miyakonojo City
  14. Environmental Research for Hydrogen Sulfide Corrosion Control in Trunk Sewer of Onga River Downstream Regional Sewerage System
  15. Detailed Study on High-Rate Filtration Facility Environment in Arakawa-Ugan Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant