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R&D Annual Report 2012

  1. Study on Development of a Reliable Biological Phosphorus Removal Process for Phosphorus Recovery
  2. Study on Function Maintenance of Sewerage Facilities
  3. Study on Re-evaluation of Wastewater Treatment Technology: Oxidation Ditch Process
  4. Post-evaluation of Newly Introduced Technology: Contact Aeration Processes
  5. Re-evaluation of Wastewater Treatment Technology: Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)
  6. Post-evaluation on Newly Introduced Technology: Anti-corrosion Coating
  7. Study on Demonstration Project for Energy Management System with Ultra-high Efficiency Solid Liquid Separation Technology(B-Dash Project)
  8. Experimental Study for High Efficiency Nitrogen Removal by Fixed Bed Anammox Process(B-Dash Project)
  9. Study on the Promotion Measures for Standardization of Membrane Bioreactor
  10. Experimental Research for Phosphorus Removal by New Wastewater Treatment Technology
  11. Study on Membrane Bioreactor at the Sambo Wastewater Treatment Plant in Sakai City
  12. Feasibility Study on Resource Productive Innovation for Integrated Sewerage System with Membrane Process : MBR Plus System
  13. Study on Automatic Water Quality Monitoring System in the Tonegawa Joryu Regional Sewerage System (Ken-oh Treatment District) in Gunma Prefecture
  14. Demonstrative Research for Introduction of Advanced Wastewater Treatment at the Higashi Nada WWTP in Kobe City
  15. Study on Ozone Resistance Corrosion Control at the Kisshoin WWTP in Kyoto City
  16. Environmental Research for Hydrogen Sulfide Corrosion Control in Trunk Sewer of Ongagawa-Karyu Regional Sewerage System
  17. Feasibility Study on Sewage Heat Recycle
  18. Study on Effective Resource/Energy Recovery from Sewage Sludge at the Regional Sewerage System in Toyama Prefecture