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R&D Annual Report 2013

  1. Study on design method of Conventional Activated Sludge process
  2. Study on new application and energy saving of MBR
  3. Follow-up study on test application of sulfuric acid resistant mortar
  4. Study on concrete corrosion caused by CO2 and Ozone
  5. Study on international standardization of MBR
  6. Demonstration study on highly efficient nitrogen removal with fixed bed ANAMMOX process
  7. Demonstration of efficient sewer management system with intelligent image recognition technology
  8. Demonstration study on power production system with biosolids
  9. Study on biosolids treatment in Isesaki City
  10. Study on O&M of MBR in Sambo WWTP in Sakai City
  11. Study on evaluation of advanced wastewater treatment (nutrients removal) in Higashinada WWTP in Kobe City
  12. Study on introduction of anaerobic digesters in Lake Kojima WWTP
  13. Study on countermeasures against sulfuric acid corrosion in main sewers in the Onga River basin-wide sewerage
  14. Study on introduction of MBR in Tokuyama WWTP in Shunan City