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R&D Annual Report 2015

  1. Follow-up Study on Test Application of Sulfuric Acid Resistant Mortar
  2. Demonstration of an Energy-saving Sewage Treatment System Using Highly Efficient Solid-liquid Separation Technology and Two-point Dissolved Oxygen Control Technology (B-DASH)
  3. Demonstration of a New Sewage Treatment Technology Using Circulation and Non-aeration (B-DASH)
  4. Demonstration of Efficient Management of Sewage Treatment Using Process Control and Remote Diagnosis with ICT (B-DASH))
  5. Demonstration of Deterioration Analysis/Diagnosis Technology for Sewerage Facilities Using Vibration Diagnosis and Big Data Analysis (B-DASH)
  6. Demonstration of Deep Underground Cavities Detection Technology Using a Towing Vehicle (B-DASH)
  7. Demonstration of Carbon Dioxide Capture from Biogas and its Reuse for Microalgae Cultivation (B-DASH)
  8. Investigation of Resource Recovery and Reuse from wastewater in Hydrogen Economy
  9. Development of Product Data Model and Efficient Utilization of 3D CAD Data in Sewerage Facilities
  10. Detail Design of Ozu Town WWTP (Ozu Town)
  11. Feasibility Study and Basic Design on Conversion of Digested Sludge to Energy in Naka River Regional Sewerage in Saitama Prefecture (Saitama Prefecture)
  12. Contract of Basic Design for Kamata Sewer Sediment Treatment Facility in Fukuoka City (Fukuoka Prefecture)