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R&D Annual Report 2016

  1. Follow-up Study on Test Application of Sulfuric Acid Resistant Mortar
  2. Re-evaluation of wastewater treatment technology including Conventional Activated Sludge Process
  3. Demonstration of Flow Fluctuation Tracking Type Wastewater Treatment Technology Using DHS System (B-DASH)
  4. Demonstration of Wastewater Treatment Technology Using Special Fiber Carrier for Excess Sludge Reduction (B-DASH)
  5. Demonstration of WWTP Deterioration Diagnosis Technology Using Vibration Diagnosis and Big Data Analysis(B-DASH)
  6. Demonstration for the Practical Application of Underground Cavities Detection System Using a Towing Vehicle(B-DASH)
  7. Demonstration of Carbon Dioxide Capture from Biogas and its Reuse for Microalgae Cultivation (B-DASH)
  8. Demonstration of Sewage Sludge Conversion Technology into Fertilizer/Fuel with Dehydration and Drying System(B-DASH)
  9. Hydrogen Production System Using Salinity Difference between Treated Wastewater and Sea Water
  10. Consideration on Hydrogen Utilization in Sewerage
  11. Experimental Research on Anaerobic Digestion of Sewage Sludge at Fukaya City WWTP (Fukaya City)
  12. Consideration on Wastewater Heat Recovery at Hamakurosaki Service District (Toyama City)