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R&D Annual Report 2017

  1. Development of Next-generation Wastewater Treatment Technology Using New Biological Reaction
  2. Expansion of Resource Utilization from Sewage Sludge by Turning to Fuel or Fertilizer
  3. Development of Resource Elements Recovery/Utilization from Wastewater
  4. Re-evaluation of Disinfection Technology
  5. Practical Application of Wastewater Treatment Adaptable to Inflow Reduction
  6. Post Project Survey of Sulfate Resistant Anti-corrosion Coating Method
  7. Demonstration of Flow Fluctuation Tracking Type Wastewater Treatment Using DHS System (B-DASH)
  8. Demonstration of Wastewater Treatment Using Special Fiber Carrier for Excess Sludge Reduction (B-DASH)
  9. Demonstration of Treatment Performance Improvement of Final Settling Tank (B-DASH)
  10. Demonstration on Practical Application of Deep Underground Cavities Detection System Using Towing Vehicle (B-DASH)
  11. Demonstration of Turning Technology from Sewage Sludge to Fuel/Fertilizer by Dehydration and Drying System (B-DASH)
  12. Feasibility Study of Hydrogen Production System Using Salinity Difference between Treated Wastewater and Seawater (B-DASH)
  13. Demonstration on Practical Application of Energy Utilization of Local Production for Local Consumption with Highly Efficient Digestion System (B-DASH)
  14. Demonstration on Practical Application of Power Generating Sludge Incineration for Greenhouse Gas Reduction (B-DASH)
  15. Study on Utilization of Hydrogen Generated at Municipal WWTPs
  16. Study on Sewage Sludge Utilization as Fertilizer
  17. Study on Utilization of Wastewater Heat in Hamakurosaki Area of Toyama Public Sewerage
  18. Technical Support for Sludge Treatment and Utilization of Fukaya City Public Sewerage Using Policy Development Process gThink Togetherh