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Practical Application

JS has put its innovative technologies into many practical uses.

SS: Small Scale Facilities, NR: Nutrients Removal, SR: Sludge Reduction, ES: Energy Saving, Rec: Recycling, Ret: Retrofitting, GHG: Greenhouse Gas emission, CCR: Construction Cost Reduction, MCR: Management Cost Reduction, Ma: Maintainability, Sa: Safety

Wastewater treatment SS NR SR ES Rec SF Ret GHG CCR MCR Ma Sa
Oxidation Ditch (OD) Process                  
ANAMMOX Process              
Prefabricated Oxidation Ditch (POD) System                  
Biological Aerated Filter (BAF) Process                  
Step-feed Multistage Nitrification Denitrification                  
Carrier Added Activated Sludge Process                  
Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)                  
Large-scale MBR                
Sludge Treatment SS NR SR ES Rec SF Ret GHG CCR MCR Ma Sa
Screw Press Dehydrator with Multi-disc System                
Inside Double Coagulation Centrifugal Dehydrator                    
Sewage Sludge Compost (Compost Facility)                    
Sludge Melting System (Slag Utilization)                    
Circulation Multi-layer Furnace                    
Carbonization System and Utilization of Carbonized Product                    
Volume Reduction for Excess Sludge with Ozonation                  
Energy Production, Resource Recovery SS NR SR ES Rec SF Ret GHG CCR MCR Ma Sa
Phosphorus Recovery System with High-speed Adsorbent Media                    
Biomass Fuelization Technology                    
Utilization of Biogas Energy                    
Highly Efficient Power Generation System with Digestion Gas using Sludge Solubilization                
Corrosion Control Measures for Sewerage Structure                      
Sulfuric Acid Resistant Mortar                    
Corrosion Prevention with Photo Curing Sheet Lining                      
Design and O&M Method Using Activated Sludge Model