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Sewage Works Exhibition 2019 in Yokohama

Thank you for visiting JS booth and joining gResearch presentationh
JS put up the following theme this year:

JS contributes to the establishment of good water environments, safe community, and sustainable society as your solution partner

JS represented its approach relating assistance for frequent disasters.
In 2018, we had large-scale disasters such as torrential rain in West Japan and Hokkaido Eastern Iburi earthquake.
JS carried out disaster response like the investigation of the damaged area.
The JS' exhibition demonstrated some major examples of disaster assistance including ongoing reconstruction support for Tohoku earthquake.
JS has been promoted Innovation Program from 2011. In FY2018, the three new technologies have been adopted and one technology was reregistered by modification.
A dehydrator developed by collaborative research of a private company and JS was exhibited at the booth.
Another feature was a wearable camera.
The construction management using a wearable camera was demonstrated as a utilization example of ICT which is actively promoted in recent years.

rotary press dehydrator
JS booth
Research Presentation
Time&Date: 13-15, August 8, 2019
Place: Conference Center R414, 415 at Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition Hall
  1. JS Business Strategy
  2. JS' Disaster Assistance
  3. Work with Municipalities: From Project Plan Development to Completion
  4. JS' R&D: Latest Information
  5. JS' Training Program
Poster Presentation
  1. Welcome to Japan Sewage Works Agency (JS)
  2. Lifecycle Support for Sewage Works
  3. Work with Municipalities: From Plan Development to Implementation
  4. Assistance and Contribution to the Global Water Business
  5. Learn Together, Share, and Support Each Other: JS Training Center
  6. Assistance for Retrofit of Municipal WWTP
  7. Assistance for Municipal Sludge Treatment Facilities
  8. Assistance for Flood Control
  9. Toward the Progress of Wastewater Technology