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Sewage Works Exhibition 2018 in Kitakyushu

The four day’s “Sewage Works Exhibition 2018” was held at West Japan General Exhibition Center in Kitakyushu City of Fukuoka on July 24. JS had its booth and hosted “JS top seminar 2018 in Kitakyusyu” and “Research presentation.” We appreciate you spent visiting the venue and joining our seminar and research presentation. Thank you for your interest and support for JS.

booth_01 booth_02
monta pump

Poster presentation

  1. Welcome to Japan Sewage Works Agency (JS)!
  2. Lifecycle support for sewage works
  3. For the evolution of wastewater technology
  4. Our latest technologies
  5. Work with municipalities
  6. Contribution for global water business
  7. Human resource development and technology inheritance
  8. Challenge of JS Kyushu