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Reserach Presentation 2020

The JS R&D Department held a research presentation in September 2020.

The event was held instead of the 57th Sewerage Research Presentation, which was canceled due to COVID-19.
Nine research results were presented, including basic specific research, B-DASH Project of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and joint research.

The presentation materials are posted below.

Research Presentation
  1. Application of BIM/CIM to sewerage facilities: Trial results
  2. Preliminary Study on Organic Acids-induced Deterioration of Concrete Corrosion Resistant Layer
  3. Long-term Follow-up Survey on Sulfuric Acid Resistant Mortar
  4. Full-scale Survey on Corrosion Environment and Deterioration of Sulfuric Acid Resistant Coatings for Concrete Structures
  5. Full-scale Survey on Carbonatation-related Degradation of Concrete Structures in WWTPs
  6. Technology Evaluation of NH4-based Aeration Control
  7. Full-scale Performance Evaluation of the Pressurized Screw Press Dehydrator (Type III)
  8. Improving Sludge Dewaterability by High Performance Anaerobic Digestion System Combined with Sludge Disintegration
  9. Survey Results of the Current State of UV Disinfection Technology