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February 2, 2017 Demonstration Facilities for gSewage Sludge Conversion with Dehydration and Drying Systemh (B-DASH 2017) Start Running

gDemonstration of Sewage Sludge Conversion with Dehydration and Drying Systemh adopted by B-Dash project*1 2017 is joint research of Tsukishima Kikai Co., Ltd.; Sun Eco Thermal Co., Ltd.; Kanuma City Agriculture Public Corporation; JS and Kanuma City.
The system that targets small to medium scale WWTP produces drying sludge by dewatering and drying procedure that is the combination of gInside double coagulation centrifugal dehydratorh and gCirculation flash dryer.h
The project aims to demonstrate the adaptability of sewage sludge as fertilizer or fuel, the performance of the conversion facilities, and the cost reduction effect of life cycle costs (LCC).
The conventional drying technology requires an adhesion control to prevent sludge from adhering to the heating surface of the dryer, which makes the system complicated with additional costs. In the demonstration technology, the inside double coagulation centrifugal dehydrator produces low adhesion, finely granulated sludge that makes the dehydration system simple and low-cost. Besides, the drying system has a moisture content adjustable system, which enables a wide application of dried sludge. These promising function will achieve the construction of a sustainable society.

*1: B-DASH Project (Breakthrough by Dynamic Approach in Sewage High Technology Project) has been conducted by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism (MLIT) of Japan. The Project aims to accelerate R&D of new technologies and their practical applications, enhance costs reduction in sewage works and the production of renewable energy, and facilitate the global presence of Japanese companies in their water business.

Summary of Demonstration

Features of the system

1. Low-cost dehydration and drying technology 2. Moisture content adjustable dehydration and drying technology: usable for various purposes