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February 8, 2017 Demonstration Facilities for gWastewater Treatment Technology Using Special Fiber Carrierh (B-DASH 2017) Start Running

JS joins in collaborative research of gDemonstration of Wastewater Treatment Technology Using Special Fiber Carrier for Excess Sludge Reductionh registered in B-Dash project*1 2017. The project is joint research of IHI Enviro Corporation, Teijin Limited, JS, and Tatsuno Town as contract research of National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management (NILIM.)
The demonstration technology that is an alternative wastewater treatment to Oxidation Ditch (OD) process features gMulti-stage reactorh and gSpecial fiber carrier,h and reduces excess sludge substantially and reduce LCC by reduction of footprints of sludge treatment facilities and equipment, and O&M costs.
The demonstration started from its facilities' construction in July 2016 at Tatsuno WWTP (Tatsuno Town in Nagano Prefecture)

*1: B-DASH Project (Breakthrough by Dynamic Approach in Sewage High Technology Project) has been conducted by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism (MLIT) of Japan. The Project aims to accelerate R&D of new technologies and their practical applications, enhance costs reduction in sewage works and the production of renewable energy, and facilitate the global presence of Japanese companies in their water business.

Summary of Demonstration

1. Purpose of the demonstration
Using a multi-stage reactor and a special fiber carrier enables drastic reduction of excess sludge that reduces footprints of sludge treatment facilities. The research aims to demonstrate the effect of reduction in sludge generation and LCC.
2. Joint researchers
IHI Enviro Corporation; Teijin Limited; JS; and Tatsuno Town
3. Site of demonstration
Tatsuno WWTP in Tatsuno Town, Nagano Prefecture

           Table 1. Outline of Tatsuno WWTP
   Figure 1. Location of Tatsuno Town
4. Features
@ Reduction of excess sludge
Compared to the conventional OD Process, the combination of a multi-stage reactor and special fiber carriers reduces much excess sludge generation.
A Special fiber carrier
Has creative structure and placement to prevent sludge from enlargement and cloggings between carriers.
B Easy and flexible
A reactor of the Process has almost the same hydrologic retention time as the conventional OD process. Existing facilities can be transferred to the Process.
Figure 2. Feature of the demonstration technology

5. Advantages Our goal: Reduce LCC of wastewater treatment facilities and commit to improve and continue sewage works management.
6. Summary of demonstration facilities
The demonstration facilities were constructed using the existing OD tank. The OD tank body was partly retrofitted for the special fiber carrier unit. The outset of the construction work was July 2016. The demonstration facilities got started running for the initial operation in December 2016 at the completion of building works.
Table 2. The specifications of demonstration facilities
demonstration facilities
Photo 1. Full view of demonstration facilities
special fiber carrier
Photo2. Special fiber carrier (Left: full view, Top-right: filter media, Bottom-right: cross section of filter media)
setting condition of special fiber carrier
Photo3. Setting condition of special fiber carrier (inside of reactor)