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February 16, 2017 JS Adopts ICT for Shield Tunneling of Deep Sewer

Japan Sewage Works Agency (JS) decides to introduce “Smartphone-adaptive information management system using ICT” (“the System”) for its contract project. The project is a connecting sewer construction work that Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) entrusted to JS. The deep, long sewer connects two WWTPs, Shibaura and Morigasaki in Tokyo. The connecting sewer aims to complement the treatment capacity of two facilities and secure backup treatment functions of wastewater and sludge at the time of the earthquake. The system is expected to achieve safety improvement by the enhancement of information sharing between stakeholders and the working efficiency of construction supervision.

Summary of the System
The System has a high-quality internet connection environment using wireless local area network(LAN) inside a tunnel and ground. The tunnel has WEB cameras inside taking monitoring videos and the progress report of excavation. By using smartphone or tablets, the system enables a real-time monitoring that provides information inside tunnel anytime, anywhere.

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The Purpose of the System
The length of the tunnel is 2,300 m which are almost under channel (the connecting sewer is 8,000km in full length and this time’s construction work handles 2,300 m out of that.) So the tunnel is in a depth of up to 59 m with high water pressure. In the construction work, a shield machine with the outer diameter of 6,750 mm excavates the layer of the earth where dissolved methane gas has been detected.
Such condition requires a risk management for water leaks or flammable gas. Besides, the tunnel which is deep and far from the ground surface has some issues such as information sharing between a contractor and a contractee and setting up an emergency response system.
The System is expected to solve these issues: it enables information supply which used to be aggregated only by a control center, and information access through smartphone or tablets from anywhere. Besides, the System allows safety improvement by the enhancement of information sharing among stakeholders, and working efficiency of construction supervision.

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Introduction Effects of the System
1. Safety improvement
Monitoring videos of the shield and the information about the excavation management predict troubles and the information access prevents troubles. In the case of trouble by any chance, the System helps safety improvement including checking of the situation and quick response.
2. Working efficiency of construction supervision The following information is accessible anytime and anywhere through smartphones and tablets:
The construction work now in the preparation will start excavation at the end of February 2017. The project adopts a leading-edge ICT technology such as the automatic measuring of deviation from roundness. The quality improvement and productivity of the System will be verified at the same time.