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April 26, 2017 JS Announces its Fourth R&D Strategy 2017-21 Evolution & Development of Sewage Works Technologies

Japan Sewage Works Agency (JS) issued gThe Fourth R&D Strategy 2017-21h (the R&D Strategy) for the next five years. The strategy contains JSf basic policy direction, specific challenges that we should deal with, and its strategic implementation. The R&D Strategy has the following key points.

  • Period of implementation
    JS enforces the R&D Strategy for five years to interface with the Fifth Midterm Management Plan.

  • Basic Principle of R&D
    The R&D Strategy has a basic principle that was newly set up based on the Fifth Midterm Management Plan.

    As your solution partner in the field of sewage works, Japan Sewage Works Agency (JS) promotes R&D and practical application of technologies that satisfy the needs of municipalities. Besides, as the Sewage Works National Center, JS encourages the development of leading edge technologies that contribute the progress of the whole wastewater business to create a healthy water environment, safe community, and sustainable society.

  • Technology Discipline
    The R&D Strategy defines four R&D disciplines that JS should deal with in the future. They are:
    • Energy saving, low carbon
    • Energy/resource recovery
    • Maintenance/improvement of facilitiesf functions
    • Productivity improvement/optimization

  • Core Action Plans The R&D Strategy has the following six action plans:

    @ Carry out the basic development subjects
    A Create a supporting menu for the introduction of new technologies
    B Enhance the ex-post evaluation/technology evaluation of new technologies: establish systems for an ex-post technology verification and simple technology evaluation.
    C Systematize technological information/know-how in entrusted projects
    D Reflect results of R&D in technology standards, etc.
    E Strengthen the supports for project/engineering

    JS will carry out the R&D Strategy firmly and advance/develop the wastewater technology to satisfy the needs of municipalities and contribute the development of the whole wastewater business.

pdf"Overview of Fourth R&D Strategy"
pdf"Disciplines, Goals, and Challenges of R&D"