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June 27, 2018 Two Technologies JS Jointly Developed Won Environmental Award

The following two technologies JS jointly developed won prizes in the 44th Environmental Award* ceremony hosted by The Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufacturers. Besides, three of our researchers were awarded for their engagement in the study and the development of these technologies.
JS continues to satisfy the needs of municipalities and promote the development and practical application of wastewater technologies contributing the conservation of the global environment.

  1. New wastewater treatment technology using circulation and no-aeration
    Developers: Kochi City, Kochi University, Japan Sewage Works Agency (JS), and Metawater Co., Ltd.
  2. Press-in type screw press dehydrator with built-in thickener/ Thickening-dehydration combined system using press-in type screw press dehydrator
    Developers: JS, Ishigaki company, ltd.

* The Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufacturers gives the award to the excellent research and development of environment conservation technologies since 1974. The award, sponsored by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industy (METI) aims to promote the adoption of excellent environmental technologies.