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March 12, 2019 JS Registers New Technologies on its Innovation Program Two new energy-saving, eco-friendly incinerators and an enhanced anti-inundation pump

Japan Sewage Works Agency (JS) has been running JS Innovation Program* since 2011. The program aims to encourage the development of new technologies that meet various needs of municipal wastewater business and facilitate the adoptions of the innovative technologies to our entrusted projects.
JS adds the following two incinerators to the program and reregisters the upgraded pump.

* Note that JS Innovation Program verifies registered technologies for their applicability only at JSf entrusted projects.

Multi-stage Bubbling Fluidized Bed Incineration System with Optimized Combustion Control (new registration)

Developer: JS, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Environmental & Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd.,
Summary and Features:

  • Concurrent optimized operation of air volume and supplemental fuel reduces power and fuel consumption.
  • Multi-stage bubbling fluidized bed incineration system reduces N2O emissions. Therefore, the system reduces more greenhouse gas emissions than the conventional bubbling fluidized bed incinerator.
  • Can be applied to various possibilities including new construction, retrofitting, and upgrading of the existing facilities
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Two-stage Combustion Type Swirling Fluidized Bed Furnace (new registration)
Developer: JS, Swing Engineering Corporation
Summary and Features:
  • The newly developed furnace is a combination of the following technologies
    • A swirling fluidized bed that has a feature of high combustion efficiency in its fluidized bed area
    • Two-stage combustion technology that directly supplies the part of flowing air to the freeboard area
    • Low air ratio of whole airflow and its optimized control
  • The new furnace can reduce greenhouse gas (N2O) emissions, save energy by reducing fuel and energy consumption, and labor for operation management.

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All Speed/water Level Type Horizontal Submersible Pump (revised)
Developer: JS, Ishigaki Company, Ltd.
Summary and Features:
  • Enable rainwater drainage at a lower water level than the conventional pumps
  • Constant, full speed operation regardless of water level keeps inside water level of channel low and effectively works for overflows caused by heavy rains.
  • Reduce repeating the start-up and shut-down operation to reduce electrical load
  • This time, pump head is enhanced from 5.0m to 9.0m. This improvement expands the utilization to rainwater pump stations other than pump gates.
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