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October 30, 2019 JS Registers New Technology on its Innovation Program Energy-saving, flow fluctuation-adaptive MBR with ceramic flat-sheet membrane

Japan Sewage Works Agency (JS) has been running JS Innovation Program* since 2011. The program aims to encourage the development of new technologies that meet various needs of municipal wastewater business and facilitate the adoptions of the innovative technologies to our entrusted projects.
JS registers the following technology on the Innovation Program.

* Note that JS Innovation Program proves registered technologies for their applicability only at JSf entrusted projects.

Energy-saving MBR System with Ceramic Flatsheet Membrane

Developer: JS, Hanno City, and Meidensha Corporation
Summary and Features: The new MBR system adopts ceramic flatsheet membrane. The ceramic membrane has the following features:

The above properties enable energy saving because of the reduction of aeration volume with back wash and regular chemical washing. Besides, stable membrane treatment is possible even at the temporary increase of inflow volume by the change of time and precipitations.

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