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June 11, 2021 JS Registers New Technology on its Innovation Program Steel digestion tank enabling sediment control and energy saving

Japan Sewage Works Agency (JS) has been running JS Innovation Program*1) since 2011. The program aims to encourage the development of new technologies that meet various needs of municipal wastewater business and facilitate the adoptions of the innovative technologies to our entrusted projects*.2)
JS newly registers the following technology on its Innovation Program.

Steel built digestion tank with quad-pit

Developer: JS, Ishigaki Company Ltd.
Summary and Features: This technology consists of a steel digestion tank and low energy consumption stirrers. The steel body digestion tank can reduce the construction period and costs. The four-divided pit at the bottom of the tank can control inside sediments by withdrawing sediments aggressively from the bottom along with digestion sludge withdrawal. The adopted stirrer and stable control of temperature difference contribute to energy saving.
The compact design and simple flow allow the system to use less energy than the conventional external heat kiln carbonization furnaces.

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*1) Note that JS Innovation Program verifies registered technologies for their applicability only at JSf entrusted projects.

*2) The validity of the JS Innovation Program is five years from the date of registration. If the registration is modified, validity starts on the date of the modification. Validity can be extended until a maximum of ten years if developers apply.