History and Achievements

"Technology Verification Program for Global Use," which started in 2013, targets technologies developed by Japanese private companies and aims to promote their global presence.
A verified technology will obtain the endorsement of the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism (MLIT), encouraging its application to target countries.

The first example of the program was the "Advanced Energy Saving Wastewater Treatment System: Pre-treated Trickling Filter (PTF) System" in 2014.
The system consisting of a Floating Sponge Filtration system, High-rate Trickling Filtration system, and Final Solid-Liquid Separation tank was developed by Metawater Co., Ltd for emerging countries.

Metawater demonstrated the PTF System at the WWTP in Da Nang, Vietnam, in 2012-13. Then, JS verified the system's applicability regarding its treatment performance, power consumption rate, footprint, and maintainability based on the demonstration data in 2014.

Metawater sophisticated the PTF System with a compact solid-liquid separator to apply to small-scale facilities in 2016. JS verified the improved PTF system for its space-saving capability and removability of BOD, SS, nitrogen, and phosphorus. The PTF system was later introduced to the municipal WWTP of Hoi An City in Vietnam. The joint venture of Metawater and Tsukishima Kikai Co., Ltd. made a contract for the construction with Hoi An City as the JICA ODA project "Water Quality Improvement for Japanese Bridge Area in Hoi An City" in 2016.

The second case of technology verification is the "Energy Saving and Easy O&M DHS Wastewater Treatment Technology (DHS system) in 2022, developed by Sanki Engineering Co, Ltd. DHS system with small power consumption and easy O&M has stable treatment performance. While the DHS process is a trickling filter system, which has the drawback of decreasing performance at low temperatures, the DHS system can show its stuff with no concern in the mild weather in Southeast Asia.

Verified technologies by the program

  • 1. Advanced Energy Saving Wastewater Treatment Process
    Applicant: METAWATER Co., Ltd.
    Demonstrated in Vietnam
    Date of certification: March 2014

  • 2. Energy Saving and Easy O&M DHS Wastewater Treatment Technology (DHS system)
    Demonstrated in Thailand
    Date of certification: March 2022

Benefits of the Program

  • 1. Verification by JS, the public organization, secures the reliability of the technology

  • 2. Improve the performance of the technology

  • 3. MLIT's support enhances publicity effectiveness

  • 4. Promote technologies developed by Japanese private companies in the overseas market

Program Flowchart